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  • Rs.199.00
    Broad Spectrum Anti Fungal & Anti Dandruff Shampoo Composition: Ketoconazole IP 2% w/w ZPTO Aloe Vera & additional conditioning effect takes care of scalp as well as hair Available in…
  • Rs.115.00
    Broad Spectrum Anti Fungal Transparent Bar Composition: Ketoconazole Aloe Vera & additional moisturizing effect takes care of skin & hair. Available in 75 gm.
  • Rs.279.00
    Strengthens the hair from the roots and deeply nourishes, Stimulate the hair growth and inhibits hair fall, Makes Hair strong , long and healthy, Inhibits and reduces the formation of…
  • Rs.899.00
    Procapil :- Procapil is a herbal complex containing natural active components that helps firmly anchor hair follicles in the scalp and make the cells hair bulb denser, allowing them to…
  • Rs.419.00
    Puave Sulphate Free shampoo is free from harmful chemicals like sulphate & paraben , No side effects , Very safe in Hair Treatment. Puave shampoo is invigorate and energize the…
  • Rs.405.00
    VILUSVITA Tab Hair Care Supplements Phyto-nutraceuticals, Minerals & Vitamins Tablets Complete Hair Care Regimen. Ensure Hair Growth. Prevent Premature Graying of hair. Hair Actives that treat hair from root to…